Next Level Alignment


January 2024 | Issue No.6 re-set NEXT LEVEL ALIGNMENT NEWSLETTER Written by nellmari Happy New Year!!! Welcome 2024. I have declared this year to be the year of our advance. Yes!! Declare it. Consider doing something you enjoy doing. This will lead to happiness, success and to the next level. What talent has God given […]

Spiritual Boldness Vision Board

December 2023 | Issue No.5 spiritual Boldness Vision Board NEXT LEVEL ALIGNMENT NEWSLETTER Written by nellmari What is a Spiritual Boldness Vision Board? A vision board is a powerful tool to help define, understand, and reach your goals. As a Christian, a vision board can also help us focus our attention on biblical principles and […]

7 Steps to Daily Change

November 2023 | Issue No.4 7 Steps to Daily Change NEXT LEVEL ALIGNMENT NEWSLETTER Written by nellmari Hey you! A new month has started and we are so close to a new year. A time of reflection, what can I do different to make my life a little better? What should I change? When should […]

Discover Your Purpose

October 2023 | Issue No. 3 discover your purpose NEXT LEVEL ALIGNMENT NEWSLETTER Purposeful Life Written by nellmari There is a strong correlation between happiness and a sense of purpose or meaning in life. We were created to be happy but many times we go through situations in our lives that decrease our happiness and […]

Focus on Personal Growth

september 2023 | Issue No.2 Focus on Personal Growth NEXT LEVEL ALIGNMENT NEWSLETTER Personal Growth Exercise Written by nellmari Personal Growth and development are correlated with greater happiness. As with life purpose, try the following exercises to identify aspects of personal growth most important to you. Make a list of all your accomplishments over the […]

Making New Habits

August 2023 | Issue No.1 Making New Habits NEXT LEVEL ALIGNMENT NEWSLETTER Reprogram Yourself Written by nellmari We’re almost entering the season of making new resolutions. One of the best ways to make changes in your life is by creating new habits. If we use the replacement strategy, we don’t focus on how we can […]