Next Level Alignment

October 2023 | Issue No. 3

discover your purpose


Purposeful Life

Written by nellmari

There is a strong correlation between happiness and a sense of purpose or meaning in life. We were created to be happy but many times we go through situations in our lives that decrease our happiness and we lose focus on our purpose. We begin to look for happiness by doing things that make no sense, in people who are toxic, in jobs that produce no meaning in your life.

I invite you to do these short exercises designed to help you find your own personal sense of purpose and meaning. The most important thing about this exercise is that you are honest with yourself. Be real so you can have real results. Take all the time you need. I recommend that you choose a time where you have no interruptions and feel free to have a personal conversation with yourself.

“Live a life filled with purpose”

Action Plan Details

  1. Remember moments of great satisfaction and happiness in your life.

    • What were you doing?
    • What were the circumstances?
    • What was the underlying theme, if any?
  2. Remember moments when you were busy with an activity and you lost all notion of time.

    • What were you doing?
    • What talents did you use?
  3. Start with a blank sheet of paper or a computer. At the heading, write My purpose in life is…

    Start writing whatever comes to mind. When you write something that evokes great emotion, maybe even tears of joy, you have touched a life purpose that is meaningful and important for you.

    In the midst of crisis, discover your purpose and start living a life of success no matter the circumstances. Determine goals and organize your life to take a step to the next level. Now, let’s start discovering your purpose. Say a prayer before beginning this exercise and ask God to help you pour out everything that is meaningful to you and dare to live a life of purpose.