Next Level Alignment

August 2023 | Issue No.1

Making New Habits


Reprogram Yourself

Written by nellmari

We’re almost entering the season of making new resolutions. One of the best ways to make changes in your life is by creating new habits. If we use the replacement strategy, we don’t focus on how we can stop bad habits. But we focus on making new habits that will in due course replace the bad ones. Remember, habits are things we learn to do through repetition and eventually we do it effortlessly.

What can I do to make new habits?

We have to reprogram!!!!

Like we do with computers. We have to restart our brains and align ourselves with our new perspective. And how do we do it?

Let's use this strategy to form new habits:





Action Plan Details

Repetition is the key to forming habits. You may need to set reminders or daily notes to help you remember the good you want to do. Through repetition you can organize in any area you need. Discipline and determination are needed. It can be a little difficult at first, but don’t get discouraged, try it and keep doing your best.

Being active closes the door to laziness, procrastination and passivity. Take one step at a time. One habit at a time, once you’ve mastered one then you can begin another. This leaves no room for wrong. You’re replacing those bad habits with the new ones. Be determine and do it. You’re more powerful than you realize. God has given us free will, so you decide. Once you put your mind into doing the right thing, nothing can stop you. When we decide to join in favor of what God says he joins forces with us and assures victory. Be patient, it takes time to create new habits so be kind to yourself.

Defeat procrastination as it is the greatest thief of success. Procrastination justifies inactivity. Procrastination robs us of time, our potential, our self-esteem and our peace of mind. When we postpone things for later it aggravates us. You may not even notice, but we feel overwhelmed, loaded. Small things that are easy to do can become bigger situations. Take action and bring order. Set goals, be aggressive and determined to achieve those goals. Don’t make excuses.

Manage your time instead of allowing time to manage you. The truth is that we cannot change, add or control time, but we can change, add and control what we do with our time. How are you managing your day? Are your separating your priorities from the things you prefer to do? Are you keeping an agenda or to do list?

“It takes courage to realize your current state and decide to make a change. Habits can be deceiving, be aware”