Next Level Alignment

April 2024 | Issue No. 9

Strengthened by the Power of the Holy Spirit


Written by nellmari

In the book of Ephesians, Paul reminds us that we have the Spirit of God in us. Therefore, we only have to believe, trust and have faith in our Lord Jesus.

As the people of God, chosen people, royal priesthood, we can reach the presence of our Father freely knowing that He receives us with love. We have no need to be in fear, anxiety or despair. We are privileged to have a more powerful connection than anything else. This connection gives us the power to exercise peace, love, joy, and self-control. Four essential elements to live in these times.

You have it in you, it is time to activate it.

As the world becomes more afflicted, we must connect to the Holy Spirit and see how He operates through us. How can we do this? Have an open heart, pray, seek the Kingdom of God, keep the faith in Christ Jesus even if it is difficult, and you will see that through the Holy Spirit we will be strengthened with his Power.

Dare today to allow the Holy Spirit to fill you and strengthening you so that you can freely and confidently project the will of God in your life and be able to edify others. Let us be the reflection of Jesus. God Bless you!

Action Plan Details

Get to know the Holy Spirit, he wants to:

1.Invade / Fill you

Invading in military term refers to defeating the other army. The Holy Spirit wants all your territory, every space and inch of your whole being. He wants to fill you from head to toe.

2.Wrap you up / Embrace you

Wrapping means covering something completely or partially. Think of a package, the wrapper is designed for three things:

  • Seal its contents and keep it clean
  • Deliver it safe
  • Protect your content

It’s also what it does in our lives. The Bible declares that having believed in Christ we have been sealed by the Holy Spirit. He makes sure to protect us and that we keep ourselves clean by the time the day comes he can deliver us to the Father saved.

3.Instruct us

Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would teach us – John 14:26

He would guide us – John 16:13

Always exalt Christ – John 16:14-15

I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being Ephesians 3:16